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We know life can sometimes put people in emotionally and spiritually challenging situations. In times of trouble and torment, loneliness and confusion, where can a person run to for help when their heart is deeply troubled? Who has the answers? What are the solutions? Christ City Church feels so strongly that the city of Miami needs hope and healing, so we have created Christ City Care just to help you address those areas of life that are feeling “out of control.”

Christ City Care, also has a vision to assist in equipping churches in Miami in developing interpersonal discipleship ministries of "Transformation Groups" and training "Mentors" to provide guidance and support for those in their church community.

Christ City Care is a Christian community outreach initiative that connects people’s “hearts” with the truth, love and grace of Jesus Christ. We provide Christian counseling with a pastor who has over 32 years of experience as a professional counselor and has trained and supervised professional counselors and personal mentors.

We want everyone to receive the care their souls need regardless of their economic situation. We want to make the cost affordable and scholarships are available. We only encourage clients receiving ministry through Christ City Care to consider the investment of an affordable donation to the ministry. 


God cares about you. If you are struggling with feelings, family, marriage, addictions, your past or your future, you don’t have to face it alone. Consider Christ City Care and seek counseling from a Christian perspective. Through a personal connection with Christ, you can experience God's love to free you from shame, guilt, fear and hopelessness.


Mike Swihart   786.530.3022   
7235 Coral Way, Suite 213, Miami, FL 33155


If you would like to make a donation to the ministry of Christ City Care, please click here.